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We recognise that each child is a unique person where their individual pattern, timing of growth, personality, learning style and family background is understood and respected. We foster the physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of the children through a balance of activity, rest, good nutrition and the provision of an ongoing educational programme.


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Tisca Amme & Sahil
Tisca, Amee & Sahil

Thanks for being a kind, caring person everything you have done to my daughter. I cannot thank enough to all staff Paru, Anita, Sashi, Tina, Vicky and Sue for your patience, guidance, care, commitment, and kindness.

The Eiman Family
The Eiman Family

The staff at daycare have been open and honest with us whenever we had questions about the progress of our two children. They have made the effort keep our children safe & active.

Rhonda Niccol
Rhonda Niccol

The educational programmes are fantastic and both girls have had the best start for Primary School. Childsplay Unlimited has been such a huge part of our lives for the past seven years.

Liam Testimonials

We can thoroughly recommend Childsplay Unlimited in Hillsborough! Our little boy Liam joined when he was three years old. We were a little bit nervous as he loved his old daycare but the team in Childsplay Unlimited